How the body works

  • 4 Simple Steps to Staying Healthy and Fit

    So, you’ve finally decided to act upon the long-delayed task in your to-do list, i.e., working on your health and fitness. Congratulations, you have won half the battle. Committing to a healthy lifestyle may seem like a very difficult and tedious task that you’ve to be a fitness junkie to do. However, essentially, it only requires you to make a few basic changes in your lifestyle.

    Following are the four basic habits that are essential to staying fit and healthy:

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  • How to keep your joints healthy

    Our well-being depends on joint health. And joint health depends on 3 main factors: drinking enough water, maintaining a healthy body weight, and prioritizing proper nutrition. View Post
  • Light, sleep and mood - how are they related?

    You know the weather that makes you feel joyful, cheerful, full of strength and energy? And the kind makes you want to wrap yourself in a blanket, cancel all your responsibilities and fall asleep? Of course, personal preferences can be very different, but on average, we are most active and joyful in sunny weather, and sleepy and melancholic when it's cloudy. View Post