How the body works

  • Habits that Spoil Your Teeth

    You can damage your teeth with some bad habits that you do every day but don’t even realize. Discover those habits that spoil your teeth and some tips to avoid them here!
  • Why Split Hair and Brittle Nails?

    Your hair and nail say a lot about your health. Find out the causes of split hair and brittle nails and how to alleviate them naturally.
  • Causes of Brittle Hair/Nails and What Herbs Can Fix It?

    Much like your skin, other things can reveal a lot about your internal wellbeing. And while good quality, non-toxic nail and hair products might do some temporary good on the outside, what you need is a more natural solution that can fix what's happening on the inside.
  • Accurate diagnosis - the best way to guarantee herbal effectiveness

    The world of herbs is almost endless, and their possibilities are truly amazing. However, even the deepest knowledge of herbalism may not be enough to effectively use herbs for your health. First of all, you must be well acquainted with the characteristics of your own body. Why? Because in order to support your organism through herbs, you first need to know what exactly you want to support. 
  • Light, sleep and mood - how are they related?

    You know the weather that makes you feel joyful, cheerful, full of strength and energy? And the kind makes you want to wrap yourself in a blanket, cancel all your responsibilities and fall asleep? Of course, personal preferences can be very different, but on average, we are most active and joyful in sunny weather, and sleepy and melancholic when it's cloudy.
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