Is it Worth Sitting on a Diet

The information about dieting is overloaded, and you no longer know what regime to choose to lose weight. All nutritionists assure that theirs is the best, the healthiest, the one that will make you lose weight in record time and improve your health. But, given so much information, you are not sure which one to follow. And, above all, is it worth going on a diet? This article will try to answer this question.

It is not the diet but the Lifestyle Change that Works?

Short-term diet plans have proven to be ineffective weight loss and health gains for most people. That's why it is recommended to make lifestyle changes, including those related to your eating habits, as the best way to maintain strong and optimal health.


Because going on a diet typically involves the following:

  • Something temporary. Most people who lose weight on a diet tend to regain everything they lost and even, after a few months, have more pounds on them than before they started.
  • Many diets start from the basic principle that you have to eat fewer calories than you expend to lose weight. That leads to drastic reductions in the recommended amounts for each meal and usually to starvation. And that makes it impossible for you to win that war in the long term.
  • Complicate math. To not go over calories, many times you weigh the amounts of each food, take into account the calories that go in each serving, the calories you burn during exercise, causing unnecessary complications.
  • A negative connotation. Going on a diet is associated with a period of sacrifice, of deprivation of culinary pleasures and where only tasteless and scarce foods fit.
  • Always a feeling of guilt. For whatever reason, if you eat something "off the diet," you feel terrible, and your self-esteem is on the ground. And if you have a special event and give it up for not going off the diet, is it worth it?

Easier to Say than to Do

Unless you do very long fasts, you eat every day; usually several times a day. And predictably, you will continue to do it your whole life. Therefore, your health and weight are determined mainly by what you move and what you eat and drink.

The only trick is to do that EVERY DAY. Find out the best options, find a way to adapt them to your life, and put them into practice every day.

Choose the Best Option

Throughout the day, you are faced with various decisions. And one of them is: to eat or not to eat? It is pretty common that in the middle of the morning or afternoon, you feel hungry. In many cases, they are just cravings.

If you are used to having a snack before lunch or having a snack, it is almost certain that you will have that feeling. And how do you know if it's hunger or a craving? Ask yourself a question: Would you eat a bowl of lentils, baked fish, or maybe a banana? If the answer is no, you probably just had a craving.

And this is linked to the following decision: what to eat?

How to Adopt that in Your Life?

The one who knows you best is you, so this task is mainly yours. You know what hours you have, your worst temptations, what foods you like the most, etc. All those ways that you have tried without result are useful. They have taught you methods that do not work. But there is one for you.

If you are struggling to eliminate food or drink from your routine, go slowly. If it is something you take every day, then start by taking it every other day. If you consume it several times a day, start by slowly reducing the number of times a day.

Put into Practice

Getting started is the most important part! At first, maybe you will not see progress. It may even seem useless to you. Be patient. The fundamental thing is to do. Review what you are doing, stick with what is working for you, correct what is not going so well, and repeat the process.

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