Causes of Brittle Hair/Nails and What Herbs Can Fix It?

Much like your skin, other things can reveal a lot about your internal wellbeing. Take your hair and nails, for example. Damaged hair and brittle nails are typically caused by a nutritional deficiency. But rarely, the combination of two might also be caused by a more serious medical problem, like thyroid disease or eating disorders.

The good news is that these problems can be tackled with the right food and supplements. And while good quality, non-toxic nail and hair products might do some temporary good on the outside, what you need is a more natural solution that can fix what's happening on the inside.

Causes of Brittle Hair and Nails

Here are some of the leading causes of brittle hair and nails:

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa are a common cause of brittle hair and nails. This medical condition causes an intense fear of gaining weight. As a result, people reduce their caloric intake and often exercise a lot. Therefore, due to the deficiency of vital nutrients in the body, it causes thinning of hair and lines running along the length of the nails.


Another contributing factor is high levels of stress that lead to increased production of cortisol, adding stress on our adrenal glands. This chain reaction accelerates the aging process, resulting in symptoms like damaged hair and brittle nails.

Poor Digestion and Inflammation

Poor digestion is most commonly due to poor eating habits, stomach acid, food sensitivities, and stress. This problem often leads to an inflammatory overactive immune response, which sees hair as foreign and targets it by mistake.

Natural Remedies for Hair and Nails

One of the top natural remedies for hair and nails is the use of herbal products to stimulate both growth and development. Following are some popular herbs that are traditional natural remedies for hair and nails:

Horsetail - When it comes to hair and nail care, horsetail herb is irreplaceable. Due to the high silicon content in it, horsetail promotes thicker hair and stronger nails.

Stinging Nettle - The leaves of stinging nettle contain provitamin A, vitamins K, C, B2, and B6, tannins, organic acids, flavonoids, and a range of minerals that together make up a health elixir damaged hair and brittle nails.

Oatstraw Tops - The oatstraw tops, commonly known as milky oats, are rich in silica and calcium - two minerals that are active stimulators of growth in both hair and nails.


It is obvious that direct consumption of these herbs is neither easily accessible nor likable for the tongue. An alternate way is to buy good quality tinctures and capsules to include these incredible in your daily diet. 

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