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  • Healing loneliness

    Being alone, we can look deeper into the essence of our thoughts and ourselves. Solitude provides a resource to reflect on the important things without distraction, to notice correlations that previously eluded us. And in general, to truly feel your depth — which is easy to lose in the whirlwind of daily events and communications. View Post
  • Reflection: the essence of self-improvement

    Each of us has the ability to draw attention inward, to be aware of our thoughts, states, moods and sensations. Using this ability, we can see ourselves from the outside. This ability is called reflection. View Post
  • Bystander effect: why do we often walk by when someone needs help?

    Imagine this situation: you are walking along a busy street when a man near you gets ill. Will you help him or will you decide that there are enough other people around to provide help? Alas, the latter option is more likely to happen. And not because you are a "bad person", but because the bystander effect is at play. View Post