Methods for Dealing with Anxiety

Emotional health is fundamental to enjoy life, and anxiety is one of the emotions that most interferes with it. It is natural to ask ourselves how to combat anxiety, but can you eradicate it from your life? The answer may surprise you.

Anxiety is an inherent part of our adaptive biology, life, and society. So, it is necessary to know what to do when it appears and manage it. Even if it is annoying or uncomfortable, it will be with us and, in many moments, inescapably. So the answer is: no, you can't eradicate it, but yes, you can combat it. This article shares with you the methods for dealing with anxiety.

How to Deal with Anxiety?

When a person suffers from anxiety, either in a specific or generalized way, their energy is driven to reduce the symptoms or manage them more optimally. However, there is an important point that is not always worked on: prevention.

Knowing what to do or what routines are essential to maintaining will help you prevent anxiety from occurring, and if it does happen, it will do so at not so high levels.

Don't Improvise

Anxiety is often triggered by daily stress and improvisation in the face of events. It is essential to keep a schedule, plan appointments ahead of time, and spend a few minutes drawing up your action plan each morning.


Meditation is simply the practice of standing still and concentrating on your breath while letting your thoughts slip by. You can do it virtually anytime, anywhere. Take a deep breath, and in those peaceful five minutes, you will reduce stress hormones and rejuvenate yourself.

Meditation with other relaxation techniques such as abdominal breathing is a way to acquire a state of calm. Correct breathing is essential since it favors the transport of essential nutrients to the tissues and provides energy to the organs and muscles, and helps improve the functioning of the body.

Relaxation techniques, such as diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness, yoga, or meditation, can help you better channel your thoughts. Once you calm down physically and mentally, you will know how to act better on a day-to-day basis, and that anxiety that you usually feel will not appear.

Save Time for Yourself

The daily rhythm of life allows you to have just enough time to dedicate yourself only to obligations. However, it is important to get back to yourself, dedicate time to what you want to do, with or without company. It allows you to relax, disconnect and restart.

Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine

Essential oils play a huge role in manipulating mood as the scent has a connection to the brain, and certain scents can trigger a relaxation response.

Besides aromatherapy, herbal medicines have also proven to be effective in combating anxiety. Some of the best-known herbs with antistress properties are Angelica, Ashwagandha, Chamomile, Passionflower, Mistletoe, Bacopa, and Wild Lettuce. You can consume the infusion of these herbs by simply boiling the dried herb in water. Another more convenient way is to use the supplements available at herbalist stores. All these herbs are available in tinctures and capsules here.

Do not react when you have anxiety, and get used to feeling it without fear. We hope this article has helped you learn how to deal with anxiety and its symptoms and that you can do whatever in your life accompanied by anxiety.

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