A Question You Should Ask Yourself More Often

Have you ever asked yourself: “Do I feel comfortable?” Whether you feel at ease at your workplace or around the people you spend hours with, these are some of the critical concerns that we often fail to recognize and ask ourselves about. This article discusses why it is essential to ask yourself this question often and what to do if your answer is ‘No.’

Ask Yourself: Do I Feel Comfortable at my Workplace?

You do not feel like waking up and heading to work. You feel heavier with the thought of going. You no longer feel like taking a shower to get to work, you can't stand your boss anymore, or you hate the smell of office furniture, and your only purpose in life is to reach the end of the month to receive your salary and pay debts. You are no longer happy with your work.

If that moment has come to you, it is time to see what is happening in your life and take the necessary measures to change it.

Change Course

How did you get there? Was it the product of your decisions, or did you go with the flow? Did you take the job out of necessity?

Now ask, where would you like to be? Do you have the answers? Well, the answer is if you don't like the way things are, change them. You don't have to act like a tree.

Deciding on quitting your job to follow your passion is not easy, but you must keep in mind that if it will not help you achieve that goal you long for, it is useless to continue there.

Don't Listen to Others or Compare Yourself

Comparisons abound in life. People will tell you so-and-so did that, and it went badly.

The reality is that you are not that person. And they are not you. The only owner of your life is you. So turn a deaf ear and guide yourself only by what inspires you to follow.

Make the Decision

Only you know what you want or need. As happens in some working relationships, a crucial moment comes when you have two situations: whether to save the situation or if it would be better to abandon it for your good.

Keep in mind that it is never too late to start. There is a vast list of famous people who began their successful careers "too late." Imagine the thousands of stories of ordinary citizens who succeed by turning their careers around! It is just a matter of saying, "I do." But, for that, you need to stay healthy and active, take good quality sleep and proper nutrients through your diet. You can also add dietary supplements to your daily intake for stamina and vigor.

Ask Yourself: Do I Feel Comfortable Around These People?

There are difficult people everywhere who, at best, only stress you. Whether at your workplace you’re your personal life, such people create unmanageable situations and could affect your performance.

Identify the people surrounding you with negative energy: people who only speak but do not listen, who do not keep their commitments, criticize everything or the ones who always want to have the last word. You can try to talk to them privately and figure out the differences. But, if you feel like nothing works with them and that you always end up in a conflict, it is better to take your leave before it gets worse. Don’t waste your energy on such people.

Try asking these questions to yourself more often, and you will indeed find answers to solutions to most of the setbacks in your life. Remember, you have all the right to take your leave or refuse if you feel uncomfortable. It is not necessary to keep your comfort at stake to make things work out.

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