What are Adaptogens? Ginseng Tincture and Other Adaptogenic Supplements

What are Adaptogens?

Stress is an escape mechanism activated when we cannot cope with certain situations. In recent years, we have seen how the prescriptions of depressants have increased to deal with this health issue, but did you know that there is a natural way to alleviate stress

Adaptogens are a series of plant components that help reduce the adverse effects caused by stress and provide energy to the body. To what extent is it true? To understand this, here's an explanation of what adaptogens are and what they are for.

Adaptogens can be good allies to tone and improve our overall well-being.

What are Adaptogens?

We can all go through seasons with more stress than others. The reasons can be several: due to work, illness, or a delicate personal situation. Given this scenario, some herbal compounds are touted for their ability to help the body respond to or recover from physical or psychological stress, as well as support immunity and general well-being. Adaptogens are some of them.

Adaptogens can be good allies to tone and improve our overall well-being. Adaptogenic plants are what superfoods are to food, that is, plants with especially interesting properties for the body.

That is the reason why adaptogen supplements, such as Ginseng or matcha green tincture, are in great demand in herbal medicine. Their benefits are of great help to be able to "coexist" with stress, and fatigue.

Adaptogenic plants are what superfoods are to food.

How can Adaptogens Help Us? 

Adaptogenic plants act by regulating physiological functions and balancing our body so that in the face of "alarm" circumstances, they can help us adapt to this new situation. That is, they make it possible for us to resist stressful situations that usually would affect the functioning of our body negatively.

Today the number of adaptogenic plants is very limited since they have a series of very specific common characteristics, which are:

  • They are not toxic
  • They increase physical and mental resistance.
  • They regulate the functions of the organism.

Adaptogenic plants balance your body according to its needs.

Adaptogenic plants are not stimulants nor do they provide extra nutrients. They simply act by balancing your body according to its needs.

To understand how an adaptogenic plant works, let's take the example of hypotension. There are natural substances that lower blood pressure, such as garlic. Likewise, some substances raise it, such as salt. Adaptogens do not raise or lower blood pressure but can regulate our body according to its need, balancing blood pressure naturally. 

A good example of such an adaptogenic herb is Ashwagandha, often consumed in the form of Ashwagandha tincture, which helps lower blood pressure and reduces stress and inflammation.

Adaptogens also act by activating our physical energy, keeping our mind relaxed if required, thereby achieving a state of both physical and mental strength.

Famous Natural Adaptogenic Supplements

Some of the Famous Natural Adaptogenic Supplements


Ashwagandha gives us extra energy to the body and can help fight stress, anxiety, tiredness, chronic fatigue, and insomnia. It can be consumed in the form of Ashwagandha tincture.



This adaptogenic plant restores mental and physical strength in case of weakness. Ginseng supplements (Ginseng tincture and capsules) are widely used in herbal medicine due to their adaptogenic properties.



Also known as Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero is an adaptogenic herb containing eleutherosides, compounds with neuroprotective and immune-stimulating effects. Evidence indicates that people who take this herb have greater improvements in sleep, fatigue, depression, and other stress-related factors.

Eleuthero tincture is obtained from the plant's roots and helps alleviate the symptoms of stress.


Matcha Green Tea

Often consumed in the form of green tea, matcha tincture is also in great demand among people who understand its benefits. Being one of the richest sources of antioxidants, matcha green supplements can help alleviate tension and provide energy.


In general, adaptogens are very safe and can be used continuously, but it is always best to consult your doctor before taking them regularly. Consult the holistic herbalists at HerbEra and select from their wide range of high-quality organic, vegan, and GMP-certified adaptogenic supplements manufactured through cutting-edge scientific methods.

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Adaptogens are very safe and can be used continuously

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