Herbs That Any Person Can Use

In the face of an ailment, health problem, or indisposition, traditional medicine does not always offer adequate solutions. A possible alternative is to take advantage of the healing power of medicinal plants in light of the popular knowledge that has accompanied humanity since the beginning of time.

The best part of using herbs is that many of them are safe and can be used by any person. You can grow them in your home garden or your backyard and integrate them into your daily diet through infusions and tea. Moreover, the supplements available are a great option to enjoy the benefits of these nature’s gifts.

This article shares with you some of the herbs that any person can use and should not be missing in your home garden.

Growing medicinal plants at home is possible – all they require is some sunlight and water. They are also very easy to maintain. Among the many benefits they have is stress reduction, relief from gastric issues as well as sleep issues.


Also known as Roselle, the dried chalices of this plant are infused to get a delicious drink. It is sweet and fruity, rich in vitamins A and C. It has healing properties and is also good for constipation and heartburn. It also keeps cholesterol levels at bay. If you find it difficult to make a drink at home, you can try its tincture.


Valerian is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in herbal medicine. It has infinite benefits, but the best known is that it is relaxing. Valerian plant reduces anxiety and helps you sleep. But it is also good for diarrhea, headaches, and menstruation pain. You can also get it in tincture form.


The fresh or dried ginger root is used in small quantities, cut into pieces, or minced. No need to peel it if it is organic. This infusion will give you a good boost of heat and vitality when you wake up.


Cinnamon, commonly used in every household, is effective in fighting against the cold. It can be prepared as a decoction or an infusion (less fragrant) from whole cinnamon sticks.


Thanks to its expectorant and antiseptic properties, thyme gives a slightly peppery flavor to infusions and fights winter fatigue. It is also used as a remedy to relieve sore throats. In addition to this, thyme is high in vitamin C, copper, iron, and manganese.


Artichoke is a very common plant that is used in our day-to-day recipes. It has healthy amounts of calcium and phosphorus, and other minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc that can improve our health upon consumption. Also, its purifying action is well known to help lose weight and regulate cholesterol.


Lavender is famous for its qualities that help people relax. It helps blood circulation in the body and aids in breathing. Some people even use lavender fragrance to help with their sleep.

Now you know the benefits of these commonly used herbs that can be grown easily in your house. Because of their safety and easy access, anyone can use these herbs if not taken in excess.

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