The 3 Best Herbs for Women’s Health

The nutritional needs of women are different from those of men for obvious reasons. They go through the menstruation cycle every month, give birth, and feed babies. These processes increase their need for energy and certain nutrients and make them more likely to suffer from hormonal imbalances. Women’s risk for osteoporosis also increases significantly after menopause.

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet can help women avoid health issues and complications during these natural processes. Still, most women fail to meet the criteria. Micronutrient deficiency can have far-reaching impacts on women’s health. These can range from worsening PMS, reduced fertility or difficulty getting pregnant, risky pregnancies, and uncomfortable menopause.

While these are the most obvious reasons why women need to be more careful about their nutritional intake, healthcare experts tell that there are some other, less obvious or less commonly known reasons for it as well. The most important one is women’s increased risk for osteoporosis after menopause.

Following are some of the herbs that can help them stay in the best of health and avoid and offer relief from various health issues during different stages of life:

Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh is long used for various women’s health issues by Native American tribes. It is also widely used in the modern herbal industry to offer relief from conditions that cause inflammation and or pain in the uterus and pelvic area. It has also been found to help with menstruation and muscle cramps. Research has found some evidence that Blue Cohosh can mimic the effects of estrogen in the body.[1] However, it’s not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The use of Blue Cohosh is also not considered suitable for people with heart issues.

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Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s Mantle is the common name for Alchemilla Vulgaris, an herbaceous plant from the rose family. The leaves of the plant have long been known for their anti-inflammatory properties. As highlighted in an article published in The Guardian, it also helps regulate menstruation and is also used to strengthen the uterus during the later stages of pregnancy.[2]

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Chaste tree

Hormone fluctuations that naturally happen in women’s bodies prior to and during menstruation, every month, during pregnancy, and around menopause can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms. Chaste tree extract has long been used by women to get some relief from these irritating and often painful symptoms. Research shows that it can help bring the hormonal levels back to normal. Chaste tree extract has also been found to offer some help with fibroid cysts in the uterus. It is also used by the new mother to help increase the natural milk supply. It has also been found to help women with fertility issues.[3]

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These are some of the best herbs for women that can help them during various natural processes their bodies go through. They can also help women deal with hormonal imbalances and other health issues they can develop at different life stages. Get all these incredibly powerful herbs in organic formulations from us.

Note: Since everyone’s body reacts differently to various ingredients and products, consult your doctor or an herbal specialist before using any of these supplements to avoid any negative effects.

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