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Sea buckthorn is a flowering plant from the Elaeagnaceae family, a shrub native to the cold temperate regions of Europe and Asia. This plant has been used for thousands of years for the numerous nutrients present in its flowers, seeds, and fruits beneficial for health. This article shares some of the properties and health benefits of Sea Buckthorn.

Properties of Sea Buckthorn

The essential nutrients for which Sea Buckthorn has been used as a medicinal plant for years lie in its oil extracted from its berries, leaves, and seeds. It is its oil that has multiple beneficial properties:

  • There is a high vitamin C content in Sea Buckthorn’s berries, much more than present in lemon. This gives it invigorating properties that stimulate circulation and prevent infections.
  • The extracted oil is also rich in vitamin B12, E, and K and flavonoids.
  • The amount of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E present in it makes it an ideal remedy for normal and dry skin, giving softness and flexibility and preventing skin aging.
  • The oil in its seeds and fruits contains an average content of bioactive lipophilic compounds (Phytosterols, Tocopherols and tocotrienols, and Carotenoids)

Generally, the oil from the seeds and the fruit is used in food supplements, Sea Buckthorn capsules, and tincture.

Benefits of Sea Buckthorn

1. Skin Regenerator and Natural Anti-aging

The skin benefits of Sea Buckthorn require a separate mention.

  • It retains moisture and is therefore used as a moisturizer.
  • It repairs epithelial cells of the skin, has magnificent antioxidant and anti-aging properties.
  • It has anti-wrinkle properties that eliminate small wrinkles or expression lines thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for times when the skin suffers from dermatitis or even psoriasis.
  • Its oil is soothing. When applied to the skin, it soothes all kinds of skin irritations and improves conditions of eczema, pimples, and boils.
  • Its antioxidant properties protect skin from sun rays, the main cause of cellular aging.

Sea Buckthorn is an ally for mature skin and is widely used in organic cosmetics to improve skin problems such as wounds or scars or anti-aging. It favors the natural elastin and collagen creation process of the skin. That is why many cosmetic manufacturers incorporate it into their anti-Aging line of products.

2. Promotes Liver and Heart Health

The richness of antioxidants and fatty acids in Sea buckthorn oil help reduce factors of heart disease. It is popular in alleviating the symptoms of hypertension, respiratory problems, and other infections.

3. Effective in Acute and Chronic wounds

The preparations made with Sea buckthorn are used to improve skin affected by radiation injuries, ulcers, burns, and other issues. It also has high protective and healing properties.

Sea Buckthorn's leaves extract has proven to improve dermal wounds effectively or wounds caused due to diabetes.

4. Dry Eye

Sea Buckthorn can also be effective in one of the most common conditions, dry eyes. Its oil, rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, can improve dry eyes' condition. It can also reduce redness and burning of the eyes, especially during the cold season.

You must be amazed to find out the curious facts about Sea Buckthorn. You can incorporate its food supplements into your health routine and benefit from the richness of nutrients present in it!


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