Improve Skin Health with Natural Products – Best Herbal Tinctures for Skin

Everyone wants clear, healthy, glowing skin. But, in the quest for healthy, clear skin, we often do ourselves more harm than good by using the wrong products. This is why skincare experts place a huge emphasis on educating yourself or consulting an expert before using any product on your skin, even if it’s natural. In view of the resurge in the popularity of herbal tinctures in the skincare industry, lately, we deemed it necessary to help our audience make an informed decision when choosing herbal tinctures for skin. As manufacturers of organic herbal products, we know each and every herb that we use and what they have to offer. To help you take the best advantage of the skin beneficial properties of plants and herbs, here we’re listing some of the best herbal tinctures for skin:

1.     Astragalus Tincture

Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, astragalus root extract can offer great benefits to your skin, along with providing a range of health benefits. It is great for inflammatory skin conditions as well as helps prevent and fight against oxidative stress and free radical damage that are major contributors to premature aging. Astragalus extract has also been found to help reduce the visible signs of aging.

Astragalus also has immunomodulatory properties. These together with the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of the herb, also make it effective for various autoimmune skin conditions.

At HerbEra, we offer organic astragalus tincture and capsules to help you gain all these incredible skincare advantages of astagalus root. Get your hands on our chemical-free herbal tincture in alcohol or alcohol-free formulation.


2.     Burdock Tincture

Burdock is another powerful anti-inflammatory herb that has long been used for various skin conditions that involve or get triggered due to inflammation of the skin. The root extract of burdock also contains antibacterial properties. The topical application of burdock root tincture can help with bacterial infections.

Burdock root is also packed with antioxidants that stimulate skin’s natural repair and rejuvenation process.[1] It can also help detoxify the blood and improve circulation, both of which contribute to improving skin health. As a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, burdock root can also help reverse signs of aging.[2] It contains lignans and arctiin, which also help keep your skin younger-looking, healthy, and supple by with its skin matrix stimulating properties.[3] Burdock root extract is used both internally and topically for various skin benefits.

You can buy 100% organic burdock root tincture and capsules from us!


3.     Red Clover

There are several ways red clover can contribute to improving skin health and appearance. It’s packed with powerful nutrients, such as vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, offers immune support, supports and enhances lymphatic function, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Red clover also contains isoflavones, which are phytoestrogens known for their antiaging and collagen boosting effects. They also help improve skin hydration and offer protection against oxidative stress.[4]

Get pure red clover tincture from us to experience all the amazing skin benefits of red clover.


The Sum Up

The herbs that we have discussed above are some of the best known herbs for improving skin health. Whether you’re dealing with various skin issues, want to improve overall skin health, or just need something to keep your skin healthy and younger-looking for longer, these herbal tinctures can offer great help. Incorporate them into your life to get and maintain healthy and happy skin.








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