A Natural Substitute for Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are a great pick-me-up when you need a quick energy boost for your day. They are packed with caffeine, sugar and other components that improve your mental performance. But at what cost? Drinking energy drinks daily can massively increase your caffeine and sugar intake and cause insomnia and heart problems. They come with harmful side effects that start taking a toll over time.

However, a natural substitute for energy drinks not only keeps you on your toes all day long, but also diminishes the need for taking caffeine.

In this article, we will talk about some natural drinks that are a great substitute for energy drinks. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Herbal and Green Teas

In addition to some caffeine, green teas are also packed with antioxidants and minerals that benefit your health. You don’t necessarily have to resort to the typical green tea as there are a lot of flavors and varieties available in the market. Don’t make the idea of having green tea every day seem boring. Try all the different flavors available and see what you like. It can actually be fun!

Rather than opting for the canned ice teas available in the market, brew your own fresh cup of tea and steer clear of all the additives and sugar. Matcha and Yerba mate are both great options for making an herbal tea. These herbs are amazingly effective in boosting energy levels, lightening the mood and providing much-needed minerals to your body. 

Ginger Root Tea

Ginger root tea has no caffeine, but it offers several health benefits that can naturally increase your energy levels. Ginger root is very beneficial for your digestive and immune systems. It helps you stay active and healthy in the long run and is a great ingredient for relaxing your muscles. Drinking ginger root tea can keep you active all day long and reduce symptoms of fatigue.

Don’t like the spicy flavor of ginger? No problem! You can add a dash of lemon juice, mint leaves of honey for flavor and added benefits.


Smoothies are a great way to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. But did you know that smoothies are also a great alternative for energy drinks? That’s right! Vegetables like kale, spinach and other greens are loaded with B vitamins that are essential for metabolism. Increased metabolism results in your body producing more energy. A diet will 1-2 smoothies a day will keep your body fuelled 24/7!

Protein Shakes

Fatigue is caused by lack of protein in our body and protein shakes are a great way to make up for that deficiency. But, don’t rely solely on protein powders to give you that energy boost. In addition to protein powder, add some carbs like fruit, oatmeal, or quinoa to help your body turn protein into energy.

Instead of opting for the easiest solution – energy drinks, invest your time in learning about what you consume every day. Energy drinks come with various side effects that you can learn about just by researching their ingredients. Taking a natural substitute for energy drinks would not only provide that instant boost of energy, but also deliver the essential nutrients your body needs.

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