Juniper Capsules
Juniper Capsules
Juniper Capsules
Juniper Capsules
Juniper Capsules
Juniper Capsules
Juniper Capsules

Juniper Capsules

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Juniper Capsules, Organic Juniper (Juniperus communis) Dried Berry

  • Herbal Capsules
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Made from the premium quality raw material for the highest results.

Product Description: 

Juniper is a genus of about 50 to 67 aromatic evergreen cruciferous trees and shrubs from the cypress or Cupressaceae family. Junipers maybe most widely known for their beautiful appearance and useful timber, but they also make an important element of folk medicine. The highly fragrant, slightly bittersweet Juniper berries have excellent therapeutic properties, and their extract is used for various health issues. Historical accounts show that Navajo (Dineh) people consumed Juniper ash as a source of calcium.


  • Diuretic
  • Antiseptic
  • Antioxidant
  • Antifungal
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Works to regulate blood glucose
  • Relieves gastrointestinal issues
  • Helps lower cholesterol levels

Contained nutrients:

  • Resin
  • Catechin
  • Terpenic acids
  • Flavonoids
  • Alkaloids
  • Resins
  • Tannins
  • Lignins
  • Invert sugars
  • Leucoanthocyanidin

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, take two capsules twice a day with food. For best results, take for 30 days.


Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation.
If you have a medical condition or take medications, please consult with your doctor before use.
Keep away from children. Use only as directed on label.

*  This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.

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