Couch Grass Tincture

Couch Grass Herbal Extract Tincture, Super-Concentrated Organic Couch Grass (Elymus Repens) Dried Root

Product Description: Formulated to deliver all the health benefits of Elymus Repens.      

Couch Grass has diuretic properties that increase urine regularity that can keep the bladder healthy while also preventing urinary tract infections. The cleansing properties of couchgrass can act as "blood purifier" that improves the circulatory system and allows for more oxygen-rich blood to be delivered to vital organs. Couch Grass can have a positive effect on the respiratory system as its anti-inflammatory properties can alleviate bronchial irritation. Additionally, these same anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce symptoms of arthritis and gout. Couch Grass helps to detoxify and cleanse the body and therefore might be a great alternative to weight losing products that claim to detox.

Liquid Herbal Extract
Menstruum Ratio 1:3
Dietary Supplement
Made from the premium quality raw material for the highest results.
We only select premium grade herb suppliers, prioritize organic facilities and quality from clean areas around the globe
to produce this potent extract, using patented hyper raw-extraction and cold-processing technology.
Potent 1:3 herb to solvent ratio guarantees that all the qualities of the herb are fully protected.

Suggested Use:

Adults take 30-50 drops of extract in a small amount of water or favorite juice 2-4 times daily between meals.



Shake well before using.
Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation.
If you have a medical condition or take medications, please consult with your doctor before use.
Keep away from children. Use only as directed on label.

Safety sealed for your protection.
Ask for replacement if safety seal is broken.

*  This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.

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