What Our USDA Organic Seal Means and Why It Matters


At HerbEra, we’re dedicated to harnessing the healing gifts of nature through organic farming and sustainable wildcrafting practices. This is why we take immense pride in our USDA certified organic status that encompasses our entire supply chain, from soil to supplement.

USDA organic certification guarantees that our ingredients are cultivated and managed without synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs, all while upholding ecological equilibrium. Though the journey to achieve this certification can be demanding, the principles of organic practices seamlessly align with our mission and values.

Attaining the USDA organic seal involves adhering to rigorous production standards, undergoing annual audits, and maintaining absolute transparency. We wholeheartedly embrace this responsibility in order to supply our customers with the highest quality herbal products sourced ethically.

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Our organic certification perfectly complements our holistic, collaborative approach to wellness. We firmly believe in bolstering the body's inherent capacities while harmonizing with the rhythms of nature, as this sustains vitality and equilibrium. The implementation of stringent organic practices empowers us to deliver the pure, potent plant-based supplements that constitute our natural formulations.

Requirements and Oversight

Earning USDA organic certification is no small feat. It requires adhering to strict protocols that govern every step of our supply chain, from seed to final product. Some key requirements include:

  • Farming without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics or GMOs
  • Using organic farming techniques to nourish soil health
  • Ensuring at least 95% organic ingredients in multi-ingredient products
  • Avoiding irradiation, sewage sludge, and other prohibited methods
  • Keeping detailed records on practices, invoices, storage, and shipments
  • Preventing commingling of organic and non-organic goods
  • Implementing rigorous cleaning procedures to avoid contamination

In addition to comprehensive production standards, USDA certification involves oversight including annual on-site audits, periodic testing, and complete supply chain transparency. We wholeheartedly embrace this accountability.

Nurturing Wellbeing Holistically

Acquiring USDA organic certification extends beyond confirming the absence of chemical interventions in our agricultural processes. Organic protocols nurture interconnected wellbeing for soils, plants, animals, ecosystems, and humans alike.

Organic practices foster natural soil health through methods like crop rotation, interplanting, composting, and steering clear of monocultures. This dedication supports the biodiversity crucial for thriving ecosystems.

By eschewing synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, organic practices prevent the toxic chemical runoff that contaminates air, water, and habitats of wildlife. Plants grow devoid of these inputs, leading to cleaner agricultural produce.

Furthermore, the organic prohibition of GMOs curtails adverse effects like pesticide resistance while encouraging biodiversity. The avoidance of antibiotics bolsters animal welfare and mitigates risks posed by drug-resistant bacteria.

Earning USDA organic certification reflects our holistic commitment to you and our planet. We take great care to meet rigorous standards across every stage of producing natural supplements to support your wellbeing.

Although the organic process is labor intensive, we pursue it willingly because we believe healthy soils and ecosystems are the foundation of human health. Our eco-friendly methods enable us to deliver the high quality, clean ingredients our herbal formulas are crafted from.

We embrace the accountability that comes with voluntary certification, audits, and transparency. To us, organic practices signify an avenue for continuous improvement as we collaborate harmoniously with nature, all in pursuit of your health and wellbeing.

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