How to choose quality herbal extracts

How to choose quality herbal extracts

Choosing a truly effective product is no easy task. After all, every manufacturer claims their extracts are the best. To make things easier, we’ve prepared a checklist that you can use to compare products and easily determine the quality of your herbal extracts. So, if you’re wondering whether a product is worth buying, consult this list before making any decisions.

No fillers

Flavorings, sweeteners and dyes are the first markers of a dubious product. The value of a natural herbal extract is determined by the active ingredients and nutrients it contains. While chemical additives are often used to make the product seem more effective than it really is. Thus, a high quality extract should contain nothing but water, glycerin, alcohol, and herbs.

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Color differences

Let's imagine that you bought a chamomile tincture last month and you’re now repurchasing it from the same brand. If you compare the two extracts, the color should be at least slightly different. This is because the color depends on the specific raw materials used in production. As a result, the color of natural herbal tinctures will vary slightly from batch to batch.

Presence of sediment

After extraction follows a filtration process to purify the tincture of anything superfluous. And depending on the filter used, the resulting extract will either be completely pure or with some sediment remaining. It’s important to note that clearer doesn't necessarily mean better. The fact is that the useful substances contained in herbal extracts come in different sizes, sometimes occurring in the form of sediment. Thus, when comparing the extract with and without sediment, the former will be richer in beneficial components. 

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Sweet taste is OK

It’s fine for extracts containing glycerin to have a sweet taste. This doesn't mean that any sweeteners were used, as glycerin itself tastes sweet. Unlike sugar, glycerin has a low glycemic index, so it won’t raise your blood sugar level. 
In addition to making tinctures more palatable, glycerin acts as the most powerful extractor for all the alkaloids and active components. For this reason, glycerin is also added to alcohol-based tinctures.

Now that you know even more about the properties and characteristics of natural herbal extracts, your purchasing decisions will be much easier. High quality extracts you can trust are waiting for you in our store!

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