Top 5 Effective Herbs for Insulin Resistance

herbs for Insulin Resistance

The term 'insulin' should not be new to you, whether or not you are a health enthusiast. Insulin is a natural body hormone that helps you utilize the sugar or glucose from food.

These substances are produced by the Langerhans islets of the pancreas. Their production ensures that your glucose doesn't accumulate in your blood to cause adverse effects on the body. In cases of Insulin resistance, the body cells become unable to use the circulating hormone.

The endpoint of this inactivity results in high blood sugar levels in the body, which leads to various complications. These include damage to the nerves, eyes, kidneys, and even the heart. Adapting a healthy lifestyle and adding certain herbs can reverse insulin resistance and its effect.

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But before we talk more about these natural herbs, we'll give you an overview of some of the causes of insulin resistance.

Common Factors That Lead to Insulin Resistance

Simple self-diagnosis will not be sufficient to determine if you have insulin insensitivity. You would need a medical check-up for that. However, if you have these risk factors, they will increase your chances of developing this case.

  • Increased Body Weight: Obesity is a significant factor in decreased insulin sensitivity. Excess body weight causes fat cells to accumulate in different body regions and can interfere with regular pancreatic activity.
  • Genetic Variation: You can have a healthy lifestyle plan and still develop this resistance. Some people are prone to this case based on their genetic makeup.
    However, this variation is usually associated with certain ethnological groups like the southern Asians, Indians, and Africans. These gene-based variations affect the way our bodies process blood glucose.
  • Lack Of Exercise: Medical experts advise that you pick up any workout plan to boost your health. And among the vast importance of exercising to health, we see its effect on insulin activity in the body.
    Increased physical activities improve insulin sensitivity in the cells, thereby regulating blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Diet: Your diet plays a crucial role in developing this case. Regularly consuming processed foods and meals with high sugar and saturated fats contributes to insulin resistance.
    These foods contribute to biological inflammation and stress, increasing the body's insensitivity to insulin.
  • Irregular Sleep Pattern And Stress Level: We are usually too busy to rest appropriately due to our activities, but we must realize that such habits harm our health. Sleep deprivation plays a role in the cell's insensitivity to insulin.
    Also, increased stress causes inflammation, which leads to insulin resistance.

Top Herbs for Insulin Resistance

These herbs are used to manage insulin resistance, and their results are remarkable when added to your diet.


If you enjoy home-cooked foods, you must have heard of this herb. Cinnamon is used in the kitchen to give your dishes, snacks, and beverages that delicious taste. It belongs to the genus 'Cinnamomum' and is very popular nationwide.

This evergreen tree’s extracts were once worth as high as gold. During ancient times, the Egyptians bought them for rituals and embalming processes. After a while, they became the most traded spice in the Indian market and were highly profitable.

Cinnamon is the perfect herb that plays a role in reducing blood sugar levels. They help boost sugar intake into the cells, thereby imitating insulin. This spice can also lower glucose levels by increasing insulin sensitivity.



The ancient Chinese played considerable parts in traditional medicine and worked lots of their healing with plants. Early Chinese physicians were fond of plants with the Berberine compound as their active ingredient.

This highly beneficial compound is extracted from many plants, including the Berberis shrubs. Modern medicine practice has seen exciting benefits of the berberine plant in many health complications.

It positively affects irregular heartbeat, blood pressure, and spiked lipid levels. It is also taken as a supplement or extract and increases insulin sensitivity through several biological processes.

Berberine for insuline resistance

Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourds, scientifically named Momordica charantia, are closely related to the popular zucchini. Bitter gourds are found in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. These green staples are cultivated to be eaten raw, but the taste is nothing to write home about, hence the name.

The herb is a good source of vitamin C, which significantly impacts wound healing, growth, and development. Bitter gourds as supplements have shown their effectiveness in increasing insulin production and regulating blood sugar levels.

Bitter Gourd for Insuline Resistance


This root plant is a potent spice that has existed for a long time. The Asians were the first to explore this herb, with many of their dishes including it. The turmeric plant contains an active component called 'curcumin,' which helps reduce swelling.

Supplements containing turmeric have been embraced to tone down biological inflammation and stress. That would, in turn, bring about the reduction of insulin resistance. The plant is also suggested as a supplement for controlling itching, hay fever, and high cholesterol levels.

Turmeric for Insuline Resistance


Fenugreek is a leguminous species that comes to mind when choosing medicinal plants. The seeds of the crops come in pods, but even the leaves are therapeutic.

This crop is found in many regions, including northern Africa, central Europe, India, and Iran. If you visit any Asian country, you will most likely find fenugreek seeds in their recipe.

The most potent components of this plant include saponin, galactomannan, and isoleucine. These active compounds are suspected to give the plant its medicinal properties. Studies have shown that the crop has the potential to tone down high blood sugar levels.

Fenugreek can be obtained as supplements, spices, or tea drinks.

Fenugreek for insuline resistance


Insulin is a vital hormone in the human body that ensures blood glucose is utilized by your cells. When the cells become resistant to it, high blood sugar results. That would lead to various issues that are best avoided.

Our herbs for insulin resistance listed above are perfect for managing this condition, ensuring your blood sugar is kept low. With a few herbal supplements of these herbs in your diet, you should see the benefits in no time.

We wish you the best.

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