HerbEra - a place where science meets nature

Everything starts with an idea.
For HerbEra, it was the idea to combine cutting-edge scientific and technological advancement with nature's secrets that have been proven over the years.
Plants growing all over the world contain a vast amount of chemical constituents. So, our goal was to make herbs as useful as possible in our modern way of life. We believe that our behavior has the greatest impact on our health therefore prevention and a thoughtful lifestyle are our priorities. 
- We source herbs from all over the world from their natural habitat. We mindfully choose trusted and ethical farmers and growers, who use only reliable and considerate agricultural practices.
- We thoroughly research all of our raw materials, and we study their composite nature and harmonious relationship to one another. 
- We derive from each herb those compounds which can have a direct biological effect on the health of our body. 
- We use a variety of methods that couple the wisdom and traditions of the ancient past with the standards of modern medicine to create safe and effective products.
Many legends and stories are associated with plants, and they are all incredibly interesting. However, we consider that health products should be based not on beautiful legends, but on scientific evidence. 
Meet HerbEra - a place where science meets nature.

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