Dream Herb Tincture

Dream Herb Herbal Extract Tincture, Super-Concentrated Wildcrafted Dream Herb (Calea Zacatechichi) Dried Leaf

Product Description: 

Liquid Herbal Extract
Menstruum Ratio 1:3
Dietary Supplement
Made from the premium quality raw material for the highest results.
We only select premium grade herb suppliers, prioritize organic facilities and quality from clean areas around the globe
to produce this potent extract, using patented hyper raw-extraction and cold-processing technology.
Potent 1:3 herb to solvent ratio guarantees that all the qualities of the herb are fully protected.

Suggested Use:

Adults take 30-50 drops of extract in a small amount of water or favorite juice 2-4 times daily between meals.



Shake well before using.
Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation.
If you have a medical condition or take medications, please consult with your doctor before use.
Keep away from children. Use only as directed on label.

Safety sealed for your protection.
Ask for replacement if safety seal is broken.

*  This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.

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Everything I'd Hoped to Find

My entire life I have had an experience with sleep where, when I wake up in the morning, I feel worse and far more tired than when I went to bed. It is as if only a moment has passed and it's already time to get up. I have found things that can change this experience--substances that allow me to 'feel the passage of time' while I sleep, making it feel like I have actually slept, and allowing me to feel more rested. The problem has always been that such substances are inconsistent, at best. This is the only product containing calea zacatechichi in a viable and trustworthy form that I have been able to find, and it works like a dream--which, yes, it does seem to induce. I personally pair this with lion's mane mushroom and a few other sleep oriented supplements right before bed, and I have had amazing and consistent results. Often, one of the problems with supplements is that they lose their effectiveness over time. I've been taking this daily for a couple of months and it has maintained its effectiveness every single night. As someone who has invested themselves in finding supplements that deliver real results, I would easily place this on a top ten best finds list--possibly top five.